At UCQ we understand and appreciate the importance of our employees, and their wellbeing.  This is why one of our key strategic goals is to be recognised as an excellent place to work. 

From this, in addition to investing in the development of our workforce we are also committed to focusing on the health and wellbeing of our staff to ensure they all have an effective work/ life balance. We spend on average one third of our lives at work – so if it’s negatively affecting your mental health and wellbeing then it is time for something to change.

Workplace health is an integral part of any business, and as Gallup (2010) discussed, one of the five essential elements of wellbeing is career wellbeing – simply enjoying what you do every day. It has been discussed that better mental health and wellbeing in a workplace is proven to boost morale, dramatically lower levels of absenteeism and increase productivity of staff members, which is something we strive to achieve and improve every day. UCQ is committed to achieving better health at work by focusing on our employees’ physical and mental health, developing promotional initiatives to make small and sustainable improvements.

Carl Laidler of Personnel Today discusses how; “Wellbeing in the workplace should begin from day one of an individual’s employment, not once a health issue has been established or upon reaching a certain level of seniority.” At UCQ we want to create opportunities for employees to address any wellbeing problems with their managers, hence why it is such an integral part of our Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship.

The North East Better Health at Work Award is a partnership developed with the local authorities, NHS and Northern TUC, with the support and endorsement from Public Health England.  With more than 400 employers participating in the scheme so far, both the need for the award and the benefits to employees is clear. Mental health is become a more widely accepted topic of conversation, but it’s time to stop talking, and start making a difference to employees.

At UCQ we encourage employers to develop managers who can drive productivity and attract, recruit and retain quality staff to effectively contribute to the business.  With the Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship we can support existing and future managers in developing their skills, knowledge and behaviours to become more effective in their role, and promote positive wellbeing in the workplace.